How To Study

  1. Review the practice exams and final briefing exams.
  2. Study the Glossary. You cannot pass a question if you do not understand the word. Read the glossary and make sure you understand each word.
  3. Study the Course Review Outline. This will cover almost all the material the exam will test you on and understand the Math material.
  4. Review and Understand the Tricks of the State Test. The person who writes the state questions has a certain mind set and writes in a special style. Recognize what answer the question is looking for, it may not make sense, but it is the correct answer. Choose the BEST answer for the question.
  5. Take the Practice and Final Briefing Exams until you have achieved 90%.

For many students this is the KEY to passing the Exam…Know the concepts around the questions as you answer them. Read the Question and the Correct Answer, and then read it again and again. Read each question 3 times.

YES, it sounds redundant but that is the objective…Read it 3 times and then that sentence will sound as one… So, when you get the question on the Exam, the answer will jump out at you.  You will not even have to read the other wrong answers. This is the easiest and best way to pass the state exam.

Use the material in this course to HELP you. It is ultimately up to you, and the time you put into this, whether you pass this exam.