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1-Day Prep


You have just finished reading three college level books and studying courses with thousands of pages in a new subject. The material you read is great, general information. However, the key to passing the state exam is to understand this condensed material and the questions.

For some people, taking an exam is very difficult and stressful. This book will give you a simple and effective method of taking the exam and passing.

This program contains up-to-date information to help you study for and pass the California DRE State salesperson exam.

By now, you should have been gaining proficiency using the Final Briefing Exam with over 1,100+ sample test questions with detailed explanations. Ideally, before taking the 1-Day Live Prep Course, you should work to attain scores of 90% or more with the practice questions. Do not attempt to memorize the exact questions and answers. No exam preparation provider has the exact questions and answers found on the state exam. Understanding the concepts is what is important. Successful test takers have found this to be a key to exam success.

This book was designed to help you pass the state exam. The state exam is not easy and will require you to know the material and the method of the test. The salesperson exam will have 150 multiple-choice questions and you must pass with a minimum of 70% or 105 correct answers. Therefore, you can miss 45 questions, meaning you do not have to know all the material. If you are not good at complex math problems, take your BEST GUESS and move on.  You have a 25% chance of guessing correctly so never leave a question blank. The bottom line is, if you study this material, you will pass the State Exam.

Key test concepts are reinforced through our unique test-taking approach and teaching methods. Along with the other preparation steps you have already taken, you will now be ready to take and pass the California State Salesperson exam.

Here’s to your success….!

Your Support Team @ Agent Real Estate Schools, Inc.

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Group Study | GSUS

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12. The Tutor 6-Pack

This real estate license tutoring service is designed to cater to the individual requiring special 1:1 support with a more kinesthetic learning style. Our tutoring package is a “NEW” concept in the world of pre-licensing where approved-only instructors spend six hours of time with you one on one to help you achieve your goal of passing the California Real Estate State exam.


06. Prep Practice | WC

This Prep Practice is a Web Class designed to support the student who has completed all three required courses and wants to practice Keywords and Prep Questions for the State Examination.


06. Prep Practice Plus | WC

This Group Practice is a Web Class designed to support the student in completing all three required courses and passing the final Exams.

You will receive a physical copy of the 1-Day Prep Student manual the day of class, for a replacement copy click the link below.

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